As four photographers all living in south London, we plan to photograph ourselves in relation to living in the city.
We aim to document our lives at this moment in time, catalogue the spaces we occupy, and record ourselves as individuals.
The photographs may have elements of the autobiographical, and may be reminiscent of a journal or a dairy.
Whilst we will be working on our own individual series’, our work will come together at a launch/show.
We will be showing prints from our series’ and small individual accompanying photo books.
Throughout the term we will all be working on two or three issues of newspaper (ie, one newspaper produced every 3 weeks etc.
The papers will contain our photographs we make throughout the term, and they could be thought of as a physical blog,
which links in with the fact we are all shooting on film, a physical medium. The newspapers will be distributed as we make them,
which will help with promotion for the launch and help generate interest. The papers will also be available for attendees of
the launch to keep. The themes addressed in each our works may differ from one another,
but there are underlying themes that tie us all together. We are all going to focus on ourselves in relation to the spaces we occupy,
and looking at our lives as they stand in this moment. In the midst of it all, we are interested in understanding the individual.